• Membership is open to all declared Professional Golfers.
  • The Eagle Tour reserves the right to refuse membership application or entry to any tournament for any reason.
  • To obtain membership please click the following link.
  • If a Member resigns or has their membership terminated, no refund will be given.

Tournament Entry

  • To enter a tournament go to the and click on the enter tab for the relevant event. Please then fill out the form and follow the written instructions.
  • All entry fees are £135
  • The closing date for a tournament is 12pm, 3 days before the event, for example if the tournament is on a Monday the closing date is 12pm on the preceding Friday. Please note there is a surcharge for late entries, see payment options below.
  • Entries after the closing date will be considered.
  • Each tournament is limited to 72 players. If oversubscribed, we will increase the field size if the venue and daylight allow, alternatively a reserve list will come into effect.

Payment Options

  • Internet Bank Transfer/BACS. This method will incur no charges. The bank account details will be displayed on the page following the player pressing enter on the entry form for an event.
  • PayPal. This will incur a 4% surcharge (£6 per tournament fee). The account details will be displayed as above.
  • Credit/Debit card. This can be done through the PayPal option as a guest without having a PayPal account. This will incur a 4% surcharge (£6 per tournament fee).
  • Late entries or payment on the day with card or cash will be subject to a £10 surcharge.


  • Any player that withdraws before the closing date will receive a full refund of their entry fee but not any bank or PayPal charges incurred. Alternatively the player may ask for the entry fee to be ‘carried over’ to their next event, no fees will be incurred for this option.
  • Any player that withdraws after the closing date will have £35 deducted from their entry fee unless a medical certificate is provided or they have got into a higher ranked event i.e Europro or higher, which makes it unable to play due to travel. If an entry fee has not been paid at this point a fine of £35 will need to be paid before the players next event is played.
  • If a player has entered late or chosen to ‘pay on the day’ and withdraws at any point they will be liable to a ££45 charge. This must be paid before the player tees off in their next event.
  • To withdraw a player must call on 07764 479699
  • If a player is absent on the tee on the day of the event without informing the Tour they will not receive a refund. If a player has not pre paid they must pay the full entry fee before any entries to further tournaments are considered.

Prize Fund

  • Approximately 75% i.e £100  of every entry fee will be returned into the prize fund.
  • The Prize Fund for each tournament will be announced once entry for the competition has closed. This however my change due to late entries and withdrawals.
  • Prize Money will be awarded to 22.5% up to 40 players and 20% thereafter of the Professional field in every tournament .
  • Under current UK legislation, the Tour will deduct tax at the current rate from foreign nationals’ prize money.

Order of Merit

  • The order of merit will be decided on money won throughout the season from both stokeplay and matchplay tournaments.
  • Only members qualify for the order of merit.
  • Only members will be eligible for any mini order of merit or individual tournament incentives.

Tour Championship

  • The Tour Championship will be available to the top 50 players on the order of merit after the last regular tournament.
  • If a player from the top 50 does not wish to play in the Tour Championship the next player on the order of merit will be offered the place. If the event goes through the order of merit, non members will be offered a place with a surcharge on the entry fee.

Tournament Rules and Regulations

Tournament and Local Rules

  • Tournaments will be played in accordance with The Rules of Golf as specified by the R&A.
  • Local Rules will be determined in cooperation with the host club and published at each tournament.
  • Removal of stones in bunkers will be allowed at all tournaments.
  • It is each players responsibility to familiarise themselves with The Eagle Tour player information, policy and local rules applying to each tournament. These Rules shall be binding upon all players.


  • Tournaments will be 18 holes strokeplay (unless otherwise stated).
  • In the event of a tie for 1st place, the money will be shared equally between the tied players.

Equipment requirements

  • Driving Clubs must appear on the R&A list of Conforming Driver Heads. Following the R&A advice.
  • The Eagle Tour will adopt the Condition of Competition regarding grooves on iron clubs.
  • The One Ball Condition is in effect and balls must be on the R&A conforming list.
  • A player must mark their ball and identify it to playing partners on the first tee and for any subsequent changes.

Laser, GPS equipment

  • Laser and GPS equipment may be used.
  • Exceptions to this are devices which inform the player of gradient, temperature or wind conditions.

Pace of play

  • We expect players to keep up with the group in front.
  • Without a mitigating circumstance i.e. a ruling is required or there has been a lost ball (in both cases the group behind should be waved through if necessary) then the following timing procedure will be applied:
  • Timing will commence when a group is out of position i.e. more than one hole behind the group ahead or failing to adhere to the timings for each hole as laid down by The European Tour, which are, Par 3, 12 minutes, Par 4, 14 minutes, Par 5, 17 minutes.
  • The player first to play has 50 seconds in which to execute their shot.
  • The second or third players have 40 seconds in which to execute their shots.
  • Timing will start when the official deems the player ready to play.
  • Failure to stay within the above timings will result in a bad time.
  • One bad time: Warning from official.
  • Two bad times: One stroke penalty
  • Three bad times: Two stroke penalty
  • Four bad times : Disqualification

Suspension of Play

  • In the event of play being suspended due to thunderstorm / electrical activity, signalled by 1 long blast on the klaxon, then immediately mark your ball and seek the nearest area of shelter.
  • Resumption of play will be signalled by 2 long blasts on the klaxon.
  • If play has to be suspended for any other reason, signalled by 2 short blasts on the klaxon then players may choose either to mark the ball, or finish the hole currently in play.
  • All players must then return directly to the clubhouse and await announcements from the Tour.

Adverse weather

  • Every effort will be made to finish each tournament on the specific day
  • If a tournament cannot be completed due to adverse weather, the tournament will be re-scheduled and entry fees will be ‘carried over’.
  • If a player cannot play in the re-scheduled tournament due to another work commitment, they will be entitled to a full refund if the tour is notified before the new closing date for that tournament.
  • If the tournament cannot be rescheduled, all entry fees, including charges will be refunded.

Practice rounds

    • Practice rounds are only available at the discretion of each venue and must be arranged directly by the player.

Practising during play

  • Note 2 to Rule 7-2 is in effect, no practice is allowed on or near the putting green of the previous hole played. Any practice of this nature will result in a two shot penalty.

Players’ rules and regulations

Code of Conduct

  • Every player on The Eagle Tour should conduct themselves with the highest standards of professionalism at all times. Players’ caddies and supporters must also act in the best interests of the Tour and are also subject to the Code of Conduct. Detrimental behaviour involving players or caddies will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Any players, caddies or players’ supporters displaying inappropriate behaviour, using abusive or profane language, breaking or throwing clubs, or behaving in any way that in the opinion of the Tour Directors may damage the Tour’s reputation may be subject to suspension.
  • Any player outspokenly critical of the venue or officials will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • If a player causes wilful damage to any property of the golf course or ‘The Eagle Tour’ the fine will be £100 or the value of the equipment damaged, whichever is the higher.
  • Any player found cheating will have their membership terminated and banned for life from The Eagle Tour.

Mobile Phones

  • The use of mobile phones is not allowed on the Golf Course during Tournament play, except, as laid down in the local rules. Failure to abide by this rule may lead to disqualification
  • Players must obey individual golf club rules regarding the use of mobile phones on all areas of the property.

Dress Code

  • Players must wear attire befitting a professional golfer. No denim, sandals, trainers, and non-collared shirts are allowed.
  • If a player or caddy adorns a logo which The Eagle Tour deems inappropriate The Eagle tour reserves the right to ask for that logo to be removed
  • Please obey individual Club policy regarding the wearing of spikes and wet weather clothing.
  • Caddies are not allowed to wear jeans or collarless vests.
  • Players are not allowed to wear shorts, however caddies are permitted only if they are ‘tailored’.
  • Caddies must wear “trainer” type footwear only, not spikes.
  • It is the players responsibility to ensure their caddy observes the dress code

Media, Sponsors and Venues

  • When dealing with the media players must be respectful towards the tour, sponsors and venues.
  • It is a Tournament entry requirement that that all players will be available for any media duties asked of them by the Eagle Tour.

Social Media

  • Players must respect the tour, sponsors and venues when using social media.
  • If a player has a grievance regarding any aspect of the tour or a particular event they must address this with the Tour staff.
  • Any disrespectful comments posted on social media about any aspect of the tour or its sponsors and venues may result in a suspension In more serious cases, membership may be terminated without refund. The decision for this will be taken by the Managing Director of The Eagle Tour and will be final.

Damages and Insurance

  • Players are responsible for any damages they or their caddies may cause. Players are advised to have a specialist insurance policy.

Liability Disclaimer

  • Players acknowledge that participation in events on The Eagle Tour shall be played entirely at your own risk. You, hereby release and discharge The Eagle Tour and its and its Officers, Directors, Employees, Volunteers and Representatives from all manner of actions, causes of action, suits, liabilities, damages, costs, claims and demands whatsoever which may arise out of the involvement and participation in The Eagle Tour Tournaments including bodily injury, death, property damage and/or other whether caused by negligence of other members of The Eagle Tour or of any of The Eagle Tour Officers, Directors, Employees, Volunteers and Representatives.


  • Any appeal regarding penalties must be referred to the Tour Director immediately after the round is completed and before the card is signed.
  • Appeals to subsequent penalties must be referred to the Tour Director before the next tournament the player competes in.
  • In all cases the Tour Directors decision is final.

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